Last Revised: March 14, 2017

We’re in this thing together. The actions individual customers take can have a big impact on our system as a whole. That’s why all Mozeo users must follow this Acceptable Use Policy in their use of Mozeo and any other Mozeo products or add ons. If you violate this policy, we see behavior, content, or other factors that poses a threat to our system, or if messages violate CAN-SPAM or FCC TCPA laws, we will immediately terminate your account.

Prohibited Content

Nothing personal, but in order to maintain the highest delivery rates possible for all of our customers, we can’t allow businesses that offer these types of services, products, or content:

Sending Subject to Additional Scrutiny

We’ve also found that certain types of content may cause higher-than-average abuse rates. In general, opt out rates should be under 3%. For that reason, we may closely review, suspend, throttle, or disable accounts that exceed these rates and/or offer the following services, products, or content:

Prohibited Actions

We work hard to maintain the positive reputation of our system, but we count on our customers to pitch in too. You may not:

Spam and Best Practices

As a service provider, we feel it’s our responsibility to be extra vigilant about preventing spam-related abuse. It’s also in our best interest to keep the system clean, because our reputation and deliverability depend on it. For that reason we provide, and may update from time to time, articles outlining sending best practices in our knowledge base. For example, we offer guidelines about list permission and best practices. You may only use Mozeo in accordance with these best practices, and we may suspend or terminate your account if you violate them.