Beautifully Powerful

Easily send text or picture messages with the click of a button.

Why Text Messaging? Check out our infographic.

Manage Your Contacts

We'll help you easily manage all of your contacts including opt outs and invalids. You'll be able to search, opt out, or delete contacts in a snap.

Mobile Keywords

Mobile keywords allow your audience to easily opt-in to receive your future text messages. Check out these great examples.

Text Conversations

Have a full two-way conversation with any contact. You can send reminders, quick replies, images, and more.

Text Messaging

With the click of a button, you can send text or picture messages to your entire list of contacts or to a specific group.

Amazing Reports

We won't leave you in the dark. Stay up-to-date on what's happening in your account at all times with real-time reporting.

All the features you want, none of the clutter.

Mobile Keywords

Keywords are unique words that let you interact with your customers. When someone texts in a keyword to your number, their mobile phone number is automatically added to your contacts.

Text Messaging

With sms text messaging, you can easily reach all of your mobile contacts, a specific group, or a single person at a low cost. Send valuable information, alerts, and more.


Perfect for events of all sizes, text-to-screen allows users to submit text messages, which are then broadcasted on a screen, monitor, or website.

Text Conversations

Our message inbox collects your audience responses and allows you to have one-to-one conversations. Respond to customer questions all through text messaging.

Text Messaging API

With Mozeo’s SMS API, you can easily plug Mozeo into your existing application and start sending text messages right away. Unique solutions are available upon request.

Email Support

You'll get access to our award winning support team. If you plan on being a high volume account, we'll assign a direct contact to you.


We give you a random winner picker built right in to your dashboard. You'll be able to pick winners, from any keyword, at any time.

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